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Classes at Briarfield Candle Company

As with anything in life, achieving self care requires us to dedicate time and effort. We’re here to guide you on that path. Browse our workshops to see if they can provide a needed boost to your well-being.

Three-Wick Candle
Herb Plants
Pink Soap

Build Your Own Brand

Creating aesthetically pleasing products is a feat unto itself, but it’s only the first step toward building a successful business. This class provides crucial guidance on how to brand the fruits of your labor.

Grow Your Own Herbs

In this workshop, you will learn how to harness the almost incomprehensible power of nature. If you’re already motivated to build your own wellness products, why not own the process from start to finish?

Make Your Own Products

There is something magical about mastering a craft that has been integral to human cultures for millennia. Join us for a class to learn how to design wellness items that will add character to any space.

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